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Acceleration Programs

ASCENSION PORTAL is here to assist you in accelerating your ascension journey... With carefully designed and curated memberships and programs. You will Experience light-code activations, upgrades and quantum shifts to your highest timeline trajectory. Unlocking your multi-dimensional consciousness and embodying your truth and your divine innate gifts as you rise through your Ascension Portal.

Here you have the opportunity to stay Activated Upgraded & Aligned with Guided Quantum Healings & Galactic Transmissions all year around by joining our Activation Membership.

Attend Mastery School and Learn about the Universal Laws & Teachings that will Change your life forever.

Level Up with the Awaken 8 Session Intensive Healing & Guiding Program.

Embody Your True Divine Self with our Practitioner Program, where you become a skilled lightworker.

Which Program is right for you? Mastery School is a Prerequisite and is included in the Awaken and Practitioner Programs. Awaken is an Acceleration to healing and is a Prerequisite for the Practitioner Program**

Mastery School Program